Rules for Hunting on any Oz Hunters Hosted Game

We don't have many rules, the rules we do have are to ensure the best hunting for our hunters. Please try your best to follow these or you are in danger of being kicked or worse banned. (There is no appeal for a ban!)

No Running! Running while gets you from point A to point B a little quicker, makes a huge amount of noise scaring animals causing them to spook and flee. (Especially close to other hunters approx 300m)

Joining another hunter out in the field to hunt is fine, however ask first and if the answer is No then move on, that hunter does not need to explain why. Also approaching another hunter out on the field without asking if you can join them is rude, please ask!

Firing at nothing, this is a big no no and will get you kicked, especially if near another hunter.

Be respectful, no swearing or being abusive to other players!

We will try our hardest to help new hunters, fell free to ask for help. Just be aware some of us play this to wind down after a hard day at work so may just want to do our own thing. Don't take offense, just wait for another that may help you!

Please use only permitted ammo on animals, killing an animal with illegal ammo disqualify's that animal's score so you gain nothing by doing it, another hunter who is allowed to hunt that animal will then miss out on a possible trophy! If you need help finding out what ammo you can use on what animal please fell free to use our table in both the Guides section of our forums or download the image we have in the Others section of our Gallery.

Remember these rules are as much for your benefit as ours!

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em